We had a fun Summer Day Camp. We enjoyed calligraphy lesson, origami craft, anime watching etc., and somen noodle and onigirri lunch! Yum!!
Poppy Gakuen had a great Kodomono-hi party today. This Japanese national holiday is actually on the May 5th, but we will have Undokai Sports Day on that week so we celebrated it a little early. The students learned what "Koinobori" is and made newspaper "Kabuto" to pray everyone's health and prosperity. Happy Kodomono-hi!
We had a great Setsubun party today! We wiped out the Onis (demons) with beans. "Oniwa soto! Fukuwa uchi! (Demons out! Luck in!)" It's still cold, but spring is just around the corner.
Happy New Year! Our first class in 2016, we had a special calligraphy lesson by our special instructor, Rika Oakey-sensei. Some of the students had never touched or seen any actual calligraphy brushes, ink stones nor calligraphy papers. Everyone enjoyed learning the heart and principal of the calligraphy with sparkle and serious eyes and attitudes. Thank you very much, Rika-sensei!
We had a fun Winter/Holiday Party here at Poppy Gakuen! Santa came and bring some nice presents for us. Thank you, Santa. Happy Holidays!!
We had a lot of fun with cookie decorations and some games at our Halloween Costume Party today. There were some pirates, a witch, a dinosaur, some princesses and even a "kaonashi" (a character in a Hayao Miyazaki Amine Movie, "Spirited Away") and many more cute/scary trick-or-treaters! Happy and safe Halloween, everyone. :-)
Poppy Gakuen performed our school song and adorable dance at the stage and had a booth at the 21st Antelope Valley International Heritage Festival in Palmdale. We received "Certification of Appreciation" from the festival committee and also surprisingly got front page coverage on Antelope Valley Press next day! We appreciate all of your great support and consideration. Our students enjoyed activities such as crafts and scavenger hunt at the festival. Many visitors at our booth had fun with origami and writing their names in Japanese with calligraphy brush and ink. We look forward to meeting you all next year again. Thank you for having us over!
We had great opening ceremony for our 2nd new school year 2015-2016! Every student had a lot of fun during his or her summer vacation. Let's enjoy learning Japanese this year again. Poppy Gakuen moved to the new facility and launched adult class from this school year. It was such a great start!
We have just started to write a monthly column about Poppy Gakuen to support Japanese/English bilingual education on Los Angeles Town. We hope you enjoy reading it.
We had Japanese style summer festival at Poppy Gakuen. Students enjoyed goldfish scooping, balloon fishing and ice candies. We cooled off on a hot summer day in the desert.
To celebrate Mother's Day, all of our students made a thank you card and/or handmade gift to his/her beloved mother. Happy Mother's Day!
We had our 1st Undokai Sports Day at a local park. The weather was great, and all the students, teachers and our family members enjoyed Japanese traditional school sports event.
We celebrated Kodomono-hi (May 5th, The Boys Festival) today. All of us enjoyed making paper kabuto (samurai worrier helmet) and/or Koinobori (colorful carp banners). At the end of the party, we sang the "Koinobori" song in Japanese all together.
March 3rd is Hina-matsuri, the Doll's Festival for Girls in Japan. We had a Hina-matsuri party at Poppy Gakuen to pray all the girls' healthy growth and happiness today. We enjoyed hina arare rice crackers and the video about the origin of Hina-matsuri.
We had Setsubun (the last day of winter) Mamemaki (throw and scatter soy beans) Party with a lot of fun! We threw and scattered beans while we say "Oniwa soto, fukuwa uchi!" Students made their own "oni" (demon) masks.
A new article about Poppy Gakuen published on Los Angels Town. Please check this out!
Happy New Year! Our first class in 2015 was a great calligraphy lesson with special guests! The students learned how to use the calligraphy brushes, ink and paper properly. Most of the students had never tried calligraphy before. It was such a great experience! Thank you, Ms. Rika!
We enjoyed Halloween crafts, cookie decorations and fun games with our own favorite costumes!
We introduced traditional Japanese schools' clean up method. Students clean the floor with wet rags. They learn not only how to wring out the rag properly but also the spirit of ”leave everything neat and clean behind you".
Poppy Gakuen had a booth at the festival. Many people visited our booth and enjoyed origami crafts and kimono picture taking. Thank you very much!
Poppy Gakuen launched! We successfully finished our first opening ceremony in the great weather. Thank you very much for attending at the ceremony.