I learned Japanese and math at Poppy Gakuen. I normally spoke Japanese only at home but not wrote last six years after my family moved here in US from Japan when I was a fourth grade student. I did not how to write a good essay nor how to describe mathematical terms in Japanese at all. After we moved to Los Angeles area, I gave up to go to a Japanese school because existing schools are very far away from where I live. I was very happy that Poppy Gakuen was established in this area. Also, I am happy that I could brush up my Japanese writing and listening skills at Poppy Gakuen. I learned and enjoyed a lot although I had something I did not understand completely through the once a week classes. 


My dream is to be a math teacher, so I go back to Japan and then graduate a Japanese high school and a university to accomplish my dream. I took and passed an entrance exam for a Japanese high school here in Los Angeles. I am transferring to the school as a junior student from this April. Even though I have some concerns to live at the school dormitory without my family, I will keep working hard and not forget what I learned at Poppy Gakuen.


Thank you all the teachers for teaching me how to write proper essays in Japanese and providing me intensive training for kanjis as well as teaching me mathematical terms and the delight of mathematics. I could move one step forward to my dream come true since the teachers taught me precisely, patiently and politely.


I am still growing; however, I would like to become a teacher who can help people as my teachers at Poppy Gakuen. It was a short time, but I really appreciate your support and guidance.


For all the students at Poppy Gakuen, please keep working hard with your dreams. I will do so in Japan, too!


Yoshihiro Shintani (High School, 2014-2015)