My son has been a student at Antelope Valley Japanese Academy Poppy Gauken for several months now, and his experience there has been wonderful.  The staff is always very positive and uplifting, and they go out of their way to make learning fun and exciting.  He’s learning how to read, write and speak Japanese and is also learning about the culture and traditions of Japan.  I’d like to thank you and the entire staff for providing such a positive, uplifting education for my son.


- B.M. (a parent at Elementary School)



I highly recommend Antelope Valley Japanese Academy for any child or adult! They have terrific classes for all age levels, and a caring native Japanese faculty that is committed to teaching Japanese language and culture. In the Mommy/Daddy and me class, my 3-year-old and I have learned greetings, numbers, colors, animals, foods, verbs and songs in Japanese. This program has all the benefits of a regular preschool, with the additional benefit that your son/daughter is learning a second language! The facilities and playground are excellent, and my family thoroughly enjoys the friendships we’ve made.


I have been extremely impressed with the kindergarten class. Although my daughter started with zero knowledge of Japanese, each week she is comprehending and speaking more words. The teacher speaks strictly in Japanese. She does an excellent job keeping the class on track, and takes time with each student to make sure they are writing the Japanese letters properly. She drills them on letter recognition and vocabulary, and provides many fun worksheets. Creative games and crafts are mixed into the school day, along with snack and recess. All the Japanese holidays are celebrated. I am so thankful we discovered Poppy Gakuen.

- Sarah S. (a parent at Mommy/Daddy & Me and Kindergarten)
We have attended Poppy Gakuen for 6 months now, and are extremely happy with their Japanese program. The teachers speak in Japanese to our kids the whole time (even though they are just beginners), and they always have tons of interesting activities prepared! My kids look forward to it every Saturday, and sing the songs themselves throughout the week.
- Laney S. (a parent at Mommy/Daddy & Me and Kindergarten)