Kotomi Tucker (Elementary) 

Hello!  My name is Kotomi.  I am ten years old. The reason why I started going to Poppy Gakuen is because I want to understand when my  relatives in Japan talk to me.  Also, I want to enjoy watching Japanese TV shows. Learning Japanese in Poppy Gakuen has been very fun so far.  I have learned about 25 Japanese letters and multiplication in Japanese.  Now I feel happy when I find Japanese letters I can read. In Poppy Gakuen, there is mix of ages from 2 years old to 15 years old students.  We only have 2 subjects, Japanese and Math in Japanese. One day, I would like to teach some of my friends Japanese.  I also would like to write letters in Japanese to my relatives in Japan.  And maybe, I can translate for people who don’t understand Japanese.






Matthew Hiromasa Frederick (Kindergarten) 


My name is Matthew Hiromasa. I'm 5 years old. I love my Japanese school so much. I like my teacher. I like my class and classmates. I learned a lot of Japanese letters and words. It is fun! I will keep studying Japanese and I want to talk with my oba-chan and oji-chan (grandma and grandpa).