The Antelope Valley Japanese Academy Poppy Gakuen is a Japanese school established in September 2014 by a local Japanese group. The school mission is “through community based Japanese education, to implement human resources development and contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.” We currently offer great programs for pre-school to high school students as well as any level of adults every Saturday. The curriculum includes not only learning Japanese language but also Japanese culture and customs.


     Our school is striving to achieve the following three goals. First, we educate our students a 3S - “strong”, “smart” and “sweetheart”. Second, the teachers are “self-discipline”, “kind and considerate” and“fair”. Third, the school is “community based”, “supportive (parents and teachers)” and “opened”. We started the Antelope Valley Japanese Academy Poppy Gakuen because the closest Japanese school was an hour drive or more to Los Angeles away. With the corporation of students, parents and teachers, we can keep developing this great school opportunity.


     The students at Poppy Gakuen go to local schools during the week and they come to our school to learn Japanese on Saturdays. We understand students must work very hard to do all the homework and assignments for both schools. However, we believe their efforts will be very valuable assets in their futures. They will learn many things in addition to the knowledge gained through the actual experiences of Japanese culture. Also, the students at adult class polish thier Japanese ability with their own purpose and goals every week. If you are interesting in our school, please come and visit us on Saturday. We hope that you will enjoy our classes. We also encourage our parents to watch over and support your children warmly and attend our school events proactively.  Thank you very much.




Mikiko Tamashiro Corsette


Antelope Valley Japanese Academy

Poppy Gakuen